Your Ultimate Guide to Fun Activities Near Bruton Comfort Control in Beaverton, OR

In addition to serving the local community with high-quality HVAC services, Bruton Comfort Control is perfectly situated near a vast array of exciting activities you can enjoy in Beaverton, OR. Whether you’re waiting for an HVAC installation, repair or just visiting the area, here is a guide to some enjoyable pastimes to explore.

Explore the Tualatin Hills Nature Park

For nature lovers, just a few miles from Bruton Comfort Control is the wonderful Tualatin Hills Nature Park. This vast 222-acre wildlife preserve nests an array of plant and animal species. Lose yourself in the lush green trails, spend a day wildlife spotting or have an unforgettable picnic amidst nature’s splendor.

A visit to the Tualatin Hills Nature Park is not just refreshing, but also educational, with many informative plaques along the trails to understand local flora and fauna better.

Visit the Beaverton City Library

If you’re more of an urban explorer with a flair for books, you may want to visit the Beaverton City Library. Offering a wealth of knowledge across various genres, this library offers a peaceful immersion into books and, best of all, is just a brief stroll from the heart of town.

One special feature of this library is its large Young Adult section, holding a large range of books, graphic novels, and multimedia to enthrall teens and adults alike.

Cedar Hills Crossing Shopping Center

For those interested in retail therapy, Cedar Hills Crossing Shopping Center is a must-visit. This shopping center hosts many stores, restaurants, and convenient services for a full day of fun and relaxation. Find the perfect outfit, enjoy a delicious meal, or catch the latest movie – there’s something for everyone.

Being in the heart of Beaverton, it’s a short drive from Bruton Comfort Control, making it a convenient stop for our customers. Check out the shopping center’s official website to see store hours, popular shops, and more.

Beaverton is a unique blend of urban and natural attractions, offering activities for every type of visitor. If you happen to be in for HVAC services at Bruton Comfort Control, don’t miss out on these enjoyable local spots!