How J.A. Sauer Heating & Air Conditioning Saved Summer in Cranberry Township

Imagine a sweltering summer day in Cranberry Township, PA. The sun is blazing, and not even the ice cream truck can bring relief. Suddenly, your own personal savior comes to the rescue – your beloved AC system.
Yet, what happens when that fails?

Last summer, Mr. Meltinson found himself in this heating predicament, but luckily, he knew exactly who to call – J.A. Sauer Heating & Air Conditioning. Their AC repair services had been his lifeline on many occasions, saving him from turning into a human popsicle in winter and melt in summer.

The superheroes from J.A. Sauer responded faster than a speeding ticket. Their superpower: Flawless air conditioning installation and repair. Their mission: To turn Mr. Meltinson’s sauna-like home into his own personal igloo.

Within a few hours, the house was once again cooler than a penguin’s picnic spot. Mr. Meltinson was spared another sticky day, thanks to the speedy services of J.A. Sauer.
Remember folks, whether you’re in Wexford, PA or Pittsburgh, when your AC or furnace puts you in a fix, J.A. Sauer is ready to save your day and your temperature!