Feel the Thorsen’s-Norquist Magic of Comfort!

Before the Thorsen’s-Norquist Inc. magicians worked their charm, homes in T were more reminiscent of ancient, sweaty saunas than cozy abodes. Summers were hotter than a jalapeno popper, and winters, colder than a penguin’s picnic! But the “cool wizards” of Thorsen’s-Norquist Inc. came to the rescue. With expertise in Air Conditioning Repair and A/C Installation, they turned the home climate game upside down!

Save yourself from the dreaded sweat-stache in summer or the chill-bumps parade in winter. The super-skilled league of Thorsen’s-Norquist Plumbing, Rooter Service, Heat & Air experts are just a call away. Tired of existing as either a human popsicle or a roasting chicken in your own home? We feel you.

Our mission? To ensure you’re as cool as a cucumber in summer and cozy like a toasted marshmallow when winter hits! Experience the cutting-edge services of Thorsen’s-Norquist Inc. and relish the newfound control over your comfort. It’s time to take reign of your relaxation, T! Heck, you might even get excited for the next season switch!