DIY Tips to Maintain Your AC and HVAC Systems

Ensuring your air conditioning (AC) and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units are working at optimum is essential for your comfort and safety. Although professional assistance is necessary in some cases, such as AC installation, central air replacement, and specific air conditioning service or repair, you can take care of a few tasks yourself to keep everything running smoothly. This guide will provide some practical DIY tips to help maintain the efficiency of your systems between professional maintenance visits.

Checking and Changing Your Air Filter: AC and HVAC systems heavily rely on the proper airflow; a filthy air filter can greatly hamper it. Check your air filter every month and change it every 2-3 months or as per the manufacturer’s advice. Most filters can be located in the return air duct or blower compartment and changed quite easily. Remember to get the correct size and type for your specific unit.

Cleaning Your AC Unit: With time and use, AC units usually attract dirt and debris, which can reduce system efficiency and ability to cool your space. To clean your outdoor unit, ensure the AC is turned off. Then, use a vacuum hose with a soft brush attachment to remove any visible dirt from the unit’s fins. Care should be taken as the fins are delicate and can be easily damaged.

Inspecting Outdoor Unit Panels: The panels on the outdoor unit should be intact for the system to function safely. Missing or improperly aligned panels may not only disrupt operation, but also pose a risk due to electrical parts exposure. If the panels are out of place, try to align or replace them, ensuring the manufacturer’s safety labels are followed.

Checking the Thermostat Settings: Make sure the setting is correct to get the desired temperature and save on energy costs. If your thermostat is old, consider upgrading to a programmable one that can be automatically adjusted based on your schedule, resulting in energy saving.

Ensuring Unblocked Vents and Registers: All vents and registers in your home should be free of blockages like dust, furniture, or drapes for efficient system operation. It’s recommended to periodically clean them and keep space around them clear.

In the end, some situations call for professional HVAC contractor in Birmingham, AL, Mountain Brook, AL & Hoover, AL. Services like AC installation and central air replacement are not typically DIY tasks due to safety and technical considerations.

Please remember that this guide covers routine maintenance and not more complex issues. If after these checks, your system still does not function correctly, do not hesitate to contact Grissom Service Company- your reliable, local professionals. Regular professional maintenance will prolong the life of your systems and help maintain their efficiency, helping you to avoid more costly repairs or replacements down the line.