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Lips are sealed on Apple’s acquisition of a U.K. speech recognition company.

dragonThe purchase of Novauris reportedly took place some time last year but is only now coming to light after Tech Crunch reported on it Thursday. The acquisition is rumored to be an attempt to improve Apple’s Siri, the voice activated assistant the company’s devices come equipped with.

Novauris is no newcomer to the tech scene. The company launched 12 years ago, a mish-mash of heavy hitters from the Dragon Systems U.K. research and development team. Dragon Systems is a well-known voice dictation pioneer with programs being used across the globe.

The great thing about the story is the fact Apple wouldn’t technically confirm the purchase but, as Tech Crunch reported, did respond to an e-mail noting “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”

Fair enough, but Tech Crunch wasn’t satisfied with that and called up the Novauris offices only to have co-founder Melvyn Hunt answer the phone by saying “Apple.”

That pretty much sums that up.

But what’s it mean?

What it means is Apple appears to be beefing up Siri. Timing, as it is said, is everything considering Microsoft recently unveiled its Cortana assistant for the Windows Phone 8.1. That program can perform some duties Siri is not able to.

Well, not yet.

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Apple Quietly Acquires Speech Recognition Company


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LGs Sera Park talks about the design story behind the Optimus G

LG’s Sera Park has been talking about her latest handset, the Optimus G, and how it carries the DNA of its Chocolate and Prada phones from way back when. One of the aims was to build a display that was seamless with the rest of its unibody construction, so that it “floats in your hand,” as you use it. It also banished all front-side decoration, but compensated by adding a crystal reflection method to bling up the back. Of course, we wouldn’t be surprised if the clip was timed to appear as a timely reminder to those sensitive about design that LG certainly can’t be accused of following a trend. The company isn’t letting people embed the video, so if you’d like to watch her wax lyrical about rectangles, you’ll have to head on down to the source link.

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